Why Jill McBride Baxter


Robert Malone Punter - New York Jets: "Jill has now represented me as my sports agent for the past 3 years. One thing that I love about her as an agent is that she really takes her time getting to know you, so that she can best assist you on your quest to be a professional athlete.

Jill does her research and spends time learning my strengths as a punter and knows how to present that to people around the league. Not only does she do this on a professional level, but she is also helpful on a personal level. She has helped me tremendously with my transition from college to pros and she even helps my wife Maygan with things she may need while I am away.  I have had coaches compliment me on Jill's skills as an agent.  She has done an excellent job at making herself known around the league. 

One of the benefits of having a female agent is that they really stand out because there are so few of them in the business.  This is key for a business where networking is so important.  Thanks Jill for all that you have done. Not only are you a great agent, but you are a great friend!"

Marlon Moore, #14, WR, Miami Dolphins: “Jill Baxter has been one of the most critical support systems in my NFL career. She has been in my corner since day one.  Not just helping me with football related issues but as well as the obstacles life has thrown me.”

Cornell Banks- Defensive Tackle: “Jill is a very reliable, professional and efficient agent.  She does her best and it definitely shows.  I consider her more like family than a business partner.  I cannot think of a single negative experience I have had with her.  Jill is a great professional and I would recommend her to any athlete.”

Desia Dunn - Cornerback: Not only do I appreciate Jill Baxter as a business partner, but also the great person Jill has been. Jill is a professional who is 100% dedicated to her clients and has showed nothing but honesty, integrity and consistency since day 1. Jill looks out for the absolute best interest of her clients on a professional and personal level.

Communication has never been a problem and has always been consistent with Jill. Jill constantly updates her clients with opportunities and resources that are required to succeed on and off the field. Jill has been a great friend, support system, a mother figure, and great business partner since day 1. If you are looking for someone with tremendous knowledge, great effort, 100% dedication, and consistency, I definitely would recommend Jill Baxter to represent any athlete out there! Thank you for everything Jill.

Clint Stitser – Pro Football Kicking Specialist: “Jill's diligence and follow through are second to none. I truly believe that she fully invests all of her attention and energy into each one of her clients, and as a result provides a great mix of exposure AND protection. I am truly thankful to Jill for her efforts and help and trust her entirely as my representative.’

James Wilhoit - AFL Kicker 2011: "Jill is very knowledgeable and hard working. I have had a few agents over the years and she is by far the best I have ever had.She loves what she does and is very personable. I would recommend her to anyone looking for an agent."

Kendall “Da Spyder” Grove, MMA Fighter: "Jill has always gone above and beyond for me for my career and when ever I needed her help.  She is not only my agent she is family."


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